by Fred Lowery

How Big is Your God?
Dr. Fred Lowery
How big is your god? The ability and presence of your god. John,
Chapter 5, we pick up where we left off this morning as we preach
through the book of John. Verse 16. So because Jesus was doing these
things on the Sabbath, the Jews persecuted them. Now what our Lord is
doing in this Scripture is He is denying breaking the Sabbath. Listen
closely. Jesus never ever broke any law of God. He broke some laws of
the Pharisees but never a law of God. Jesus said to them, "My Father is
always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working. Now we
talked about that verse this morning about how He is dealing with the
Sabbath and he is saying just because it is the Sabbath, doesn't mean
God stops working. God is always working. Jesus said I am always
working. We can take that verse as we learned in the course,
Experiencing God, that we have over 70 men and over 50 women invovled in
that on Monday evenings. This is one of the versus used in that course.
That to experience God, we have to understand that God is always is at
work. God is working at this very moment. God is working in your life.
God is working in your home. God is working in the lives of your
family. God is working in this church. God is working around you. God
has never ceased to work and will never cease to work. So the key is
for you and me to learn to identify the work of God. To understand
where God is working and then to get in on what God is doing - to be a
part of what God is doing. And when you see God working, that may well
be your invitation to get involved in what God is doing. Do you believe
God is working in this church? He indeed is. Does that mean we're the
perfect church? No. Does that mean that God has done with us all that
he wants to do? No. Does that mean we are totally obedient to God?
No. It means that if you cannot see God at work, the problem is not ...

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