by Fred Lowery


Guard Your Steps
Let God be God-in charge. You learn this at the House of God
Enter thoughtfully
Expect to learn

Listen Careful (Stedman)
Fool utters glib, naive, false things
Human tendency to murmur and complain about circumstances
Complaints are against God
Choices he has made for our lives
Complaining will prevent us from enjoying anything-even our pleasures
Listen carefully-in God's house, among God's people the truth of God is being declared the wisdom of God is being set forth.

Let Words be few
God is in his heaven and you are on earth. No big picture.
Don't play games with God
Take vows seriously and keep them - no superficial promises
Value Government, it too is from God (8-9)
Don't be astonished or bitter at injustice. God has set up government to deal with it. If government doesn't, God will ultimately.
Desire For Money (10-17) 4th circumstance
1.Money will not satisfy-fulfill (10)
2.Money draws parasites (11)
3.Money keeps you awake at night (12) worrying, stewing
4.Money can quickly vanish (13-14) overnight (20 million)
5.Money will not survive death but you will (15-17)
e.g. No U-Hauls behind hearses
Returns to theme (18-19)
Enjoyment does not come from possessing, power, pleasures, popularity, companionship, approval of others.
But from knowing the living God and taking everything from his hand with thanksgiving, whether pain or pleasure
vs. 20 - Focus on joy of knowing God

Above All-Go to the House of God
With a receptive attitude, a listening ear, rather than lecturing God on what he ought to do.

Note:Worship here is called sacrifice because it is offering up the "calves of our hips."
Must not try to bribe God with our vows.
e.g.Annanias and sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)
Would have been better had they not vowed
Verse 6-7
Do not sin with your mouth
Do not protest to God's minister (Heb. word = Angel)
Warning (5:1-2)
May be a warning not to seek religion as an escape from stress and trials.
Worship ...

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