by Fred Lowery

Sermon on the Mount is more difficult to keep than the Ten Commandments.

Heart Issue
Anger is murder in the heart
Lust is adultery in the heart

What true righteousness is (Matt 5:1-6) MacArthur

positive emphasis on righteousness
e.g. pharisees-external righteousness
Rule & regulations - Jesus described Christian character that flowed from within.

1.Our attitude toward ourselves (v3) "humble"

correct estimate of oneself - honesty with ourselves (Rom. 12:3)

know ourselves & be ourselves (Acceptance) to glory of God

2.Our Attitude toward our sins (4-6) "Mourn" "Meek"

mourn, grieve over sin and despise it
see sin the way God sees it.
meekly submit to God - Power under control

3.Our Attitude toward the Lord (7-9)

We exp. God's mercy when we trust X. (Eph. 2:4-7)
He gives us a clean heart (Acts 15:9) peace within (Rom. 5:1)

Having received mercy, we share it with others

We become peacemakers in a troubled world and channels of God's mercy, purity & peace.

4.Our Attitude toward the World (10-16)

Not easy. Society isn't a friend to God or the Christian conflict with the world.
World praises pride, self-assertion
World endorses sin
World is at war with God.

Expect persecution if we live for God

Note: Just make sure it is not suffering because of foolishness or failure to obey God.
e.g. Raymond Johnson
Poor in spirit - Aware of their spiritual need
Those who mourn - Godly sorrow for their sins
The meek - The God - controlled
The merciful - Show mercy to others

Mercy:Pivotal word, over 150 times in O.T.
Describes God's kindness & steadfast love for his people

e.g. God showed mercy on lot, Joseph, Moses, and David.

Describes God's covenant love for His chosen people - Israel
e.g. Dramatic Exodus
Prophetic return from Babylonian Exile

New Testament:Sympathy, comfort - ability to suffer with another. Kindness of attitude and sensitivity that allows us to get i ...

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