by Fred Lowery


The Key to Personal Happiness

February 7, 1993

Man playing piano in a bar

There has to be more to life than this. Began to ask patrons at the bar -

Night after night he asked but no one knew.

One night, a man said I don't know but I know someone who does know. If you are willing to pay the price and make the trip, you can find out.

A Guru in India up in the Himalayan mountains.
The man sold everything he had and got on an airplane bound for India
Rode another 700 miles by train
400 miles up into the Himalayan mountains.
Stopped and asked many people -
Feet bruised and bleeding
But at last found the man.

Sir, I've been told that you know the meaning of life and I've come thousand of miles

Life is a fountain! Com on sir, I've come
this far-tired & weary - please tell me. "Life is a fountain! Sir there has to be more than that. Life is a fountain - isn't it?

We are filled but not fulfilled. we are gratified but not satisfied

Barbara Streisand recorded a song about staying too long at the fair
But the real meaning is the story of anyone who:
lives for the moment
worshipping fun, chasing thrills
and misses out on life

The Merry-Go-Round is beginning
to haunt me
Have I stayed too long at the fair
There is nothing to win and
no one to want me
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
You can never get enough of what you don't need!

If toys, thrills & treasures could make people happy - Americans would be deliriously happy

We chase thrills, pop pills and fill our lives with toys & treasures

The truth

1/3 of all Americans wake up depressed every morning

Only 15% claim to be happy while

85% are consumed while trying to be happy
The dominant emotion is Disappointment

Life is FAME- Isn't it?
Life is FORTUNE- Isn't it?
Life is FOOLING AROUND- Isn't it?

Life is pleasure, popularity,
possessions - Isn't it?

Life is Gold, glory, games - Isn't it ...

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