by Fred Lowery

Something Better Than Happiness

Beatitudes describe a quality of life that ought to be in all Christians. All are for Christians.

Blessed - better than happiness
Blessed are - you can have it now
Nine times, Blessed.

A quality of life
Word used of God Himself - Blessed God
Life found only in God
God is blessing and those who know God
can have this quality in their lives

Happiness based on condition
Blessedness based on character
Happiness based on what you have
Blessedness based on who you are
Happiness based on where you live
Blessedness based on how you live
Happiness is superficial
Blessedness is supreme

The world chaseth happiness.
Blessedness chased the Christian.
e.g. Psa. 23 - Goodness and mercy shall follow - chase you all the days of your life. Like hound chasing its prey. God is so in love with you that He will hunt you down and bless you.

Trying to be happy - prestige, popularity, pleasure.

Blessedness surprises you, slips up on you.

In difficult moment, all of a sudden you experience the presence of God, the strength of God.

God validates Himself in your life.

e.g. 3:55 A. M. made a little extra noise - Leigh, in her normal 3:55 A.M. voice, "What are you doing?" "I am trying to sleep." You don't get to sleep by trying to sleep. The more you try, the more awake you become. Somehow, you relax and sleep slips up on you. Toss and turn, trying to find the cold side of the pillow.

The world's happiness is based on happiness - chance, luck. The Christians blessedness is based on Him.

If your happenings happen the way you happen to want them to happen then you are happy.

e.g. Gatlinburg - Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
Water spigot - not plumed - yet water is pouring out. Trick involved. Deceptive. World's happiness may look real but eventually the deception will surface.

e.g. Encyclopedia salesman. Never need go outside Jesus.

e.g. "I Am" pardon, power, provision.

e.g. ...

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