by Fred Lowery

Illus. Marriage
Man had a critical heart problem. Called wife in without the husband and said your husband is in bad shape. He iwll die unless you do three things: Cook healthy food for him, rub his neck and shoulders to help him relax and have sex 3 times a week. When she came out, er husband said, "Well, what did the doctor tell you?" He said that you are going to die.

Marriage Savers: (McManus)
Illus. Marriage - 50% of all newlyweds reported having immediate problems according to a study by Miriam Arond and her psychiatrist husband, Dr. Samuel Parker. Reason : unexpected change in their lives and relationship after saying, "I Do". More arguments, criticism of mate, etc. (McManus, P146) Biblically, husband stayed home for the first year to bring happiness to his wife (Deut. 24:5) Note: 85% had premarital sex and 54% lived together - assumed they knew each other.

3 Phases of 1st Year




Write prepare/enrich Box 190, Minneapolis, Mn 55440-0190 to find who is equipped in our area to administer these tests. How can pastor and other couples to trained as mentor couples.

e.g. Idea: Marriage Ministry in the church. Mentor couples for all newlyweds. Marriage Savers

Three Major Cancers of Newly Married
1.Poor Financial Management

2.Poor conflict resolution

3.Poor communication

5 Mistakes made in conflicts

1.Perceiving conflict as "winning" or losing"

2.Excessive accomodation - give in, stuff

3.Bickering - pick, nag

4.Assigning Blame - creating guilt doesn't help

5.Unhealthy conflict that leads to abuse

Conflict can lead to intimacy

Two Strategies


2.Waith on the Lord - wait for agreement

Marriage Encounter
Quiet place - Where you meet on a feeling level. Most couples think they communicate but usually their communication is on a reporting level
Illus. Marriage Communication
Real communication takes place in your gut, you ...

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