by Fred Lowery

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True Love

Dr. Fred Lowery


The first service, we had a great service, a very important service but
it really won't work in this service. I preached on True Love Waits and
our kids are all in that first service, teenagers and college kids and
talking to you about giving up premarital sex seems useless. Kind of
like talking to the elderly people about giving up short shorts. So I
am going to have to shift gears. But let me just tell you about the
service this morning because it was an incredible service. 250 of our
kids made a commitment to wait until marriage to have sex. That right,
clap for them. And they sealed that with a gold ring, a circle of
purity. They are going to wear that and give it to their mate when they
get their wedding phone. It gives me chill bumps just thinking about
that and what that can do for our lives. These kids. Then we had a
commitment service where the kids made a commitment and we as parents
made commitments and we as parents made commitments concerning sexual
purity. And so it was a very important service. That is what these
signs are all about. Love is patient and true love waits. Everyday in
America, 2,756 teenagers get pregnant. 1,430 babies are aborted.
33,000 are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Every year,
this year over one million teenage girls get pregnant. Over 400,000 will
murder their babies by abortion. And see the world has the answer. The
world says the answer is safe sex. The problem with that is that safe
sex isn't safe. The only answer is abstinance. God's way. God's plan.
And so God has a plan. It is called True Love Waits and that is the
only thing that works. And it is sad that our government, our courts
and our schools have all banded together and we think to solve the
problem is to had out condoms and that kids need to know the texture of
condoms and how to put them on and that is going t ...

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