by Fred Lowery

In uncountable ways, life hurts - 2 Cor. 11:24-28

e.g. Alexander the Great conquered Persia but broke down and wept because his troops were too exhausted to push on to India.

e.g. Hugo Grotias, father of Mern International law, said at the last, "I have accomplished nothing worthwhile in my life."

e.g. Peggy Lee's hit "Is That All There Is?"

Reality says you have to drink from a cup that is half empty.

e.g. Cliff Harris, safety for Cowboys, described his feelings about winning the Super Bowl: "You have something to look forward to only if you lose. When you win the Super Bowl - I hat to say it - you are depressed.

Tom Callahan, "Life's not a bowl of any single thing,
Time, January 27, 1986, p53

There are always other "Gods" ready to lend assistance to weary travelers along the never ending route to happiness.

False Gods: Materialism, Power & Religion

Present themselves with letters of recommendation from the surrounding culture.

Robert Maynard Hutchinson said, "Our real problems are concealed from us by our current remarkable prosperity which part from our new way of getting rich, which is to buy things from one another that we do not want, at prices we cannot pay, on terms we cannot meet, because of advertising we do not believe."

As quoted in Karl Menniger, whatever became of sin? (New York: Dutton, 1973), pp.151-52

Leads to a cul-desac of unfulfilled desires

e.g. Luke 1-2-Jesus led of the spirit for forty days in the wilderness, tempted by the "devil." Luke says, "and when it was over, he was hungry.

All family exposed to 1600 advertisements per day.

e.g. Leo Tolstoy told a story about a peasant who was offered all the land he could walk around in one day. The man hurried to get around as much as possible, but his exertion was so great he fell dead just as he got back to where he had begun. he ended up with nothing.

Get control of your world. Perks of power, rungs on the lad ...

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