by Fred Lowery

Self-portrait (See 2 Chron. 1:11-12) Swindoll

Foreigners ripped off his enjoyment - not named
1)Adversary bring personal grief
2)Family problems
1.Many children (6:3) will make life satisfying
2.More years (6;6)
3.Hard work (6:7)
4.More education (6:8)
Reality Check vs. 9
Get a grip. Stop dreaming. What you see is better than a thousand dreams.
"to arrive is better than to travel hopefully"
Robert Louis Stevenson

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

A big mac in your hand is better than looking in the window at some ritzy place.
Face t he inescapable truth - You Need God!
Solomon speaks from the heart of God and makes 3 observations
1.God is sovereign vs. 10. He is in charge. Never Oops.
2.Man is not sovereign (10-11)

Isa. 45:9-12
Dan. 4:35
God, what have you done? I have done my will.
Disputing is a waste of time and effort.
To fight the hand of God is to miss learning the lessons.
Two questions (12)
1.Does life seem futile?
e.g. If I could many that lovely woman. I'd be the happiest man on earth. After a few years of marriage, the man prays, "Lord, if I could just get rid of that woman, I'd be the happiest man alive.

If I could just work for that company, get that job or make that salary?

2.Are you fearful about the future?
e.g. Matt. 7:24-27 - building on rock or sand?
Ch. 6 - Prosperity may not always be good.
Ch. 7 - Adversity may not always be bad.

Remember, enjoyment is a gift from God (2:25-26)
Proper response is to give thanks (1 Thess. 5:18)
e.g.Luke 12:15
vs. 11 - arguing does not help
Ps. 84:11 - No good thing does he withhold
"As futile as watering a post"
"As futile as plowing rocks
Is life a dead-end street? (Wiersbe)
Discusses 3 of life's mysteries
1.Riches w/o enjoyment (6:1-6)
2.Labor w/o satisfaction (6:7-9)
3.Questions w/o answers (6:10-12)
Principle:Nobody can truly enjoy the gifts of God apart from the God who gives the gifts.


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