by Fred Lowery

Discovered a structural inadequacy in the gun case. The curved bars that formed the roof of the top of the gun gallery ended at the concrete wall instead of being imbedded.

A fellow inmate
Had worked a year on a bar-spreading tool.
Hid it in a homemade bag - placed behind the
the trap door in the commode and held by a string.

Stripped to the skin and searched by prison officials, Houdini was handcuffed, leg-ironed, then locked in a cell at the Boston Tombs on March 20, 1906. Houdini came out of the shackles and the handcuffs and opened the locked prison door and then scaled the prison wall and hopped into a waiting automobile - all in 16 minutes. Sixteen minutes after Houdini was incarcerated, they saw him, fully clothed, scaled the outer wall of the prison yard, leap over the iron railing and jump down. He had come through seven locked doors and a massive barrier,equipped with an intricate bolting device at the entrance of the passage way through which inmates were taken to the law courts, and another heavy portal midwell along this passage had been breached. This Boston jail break was not an isolated example of Houdini's ingenuity; he escaped from many similar strongholds in various parts of the world. His ability to release himself from almost every conceivable type of restraint made him a legend in his own time.

The "King of Handcuffs"
He would often give a private exhibition at police headquarters such as in Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to his exhibition he was stripped completely nude, was examined by local physicians and it was conclusive that he had nothing on his person. His mouth was sealed with quart plaster by the physician and he was then shackled hands and feet, with several ankle and handcuffs being joined by other shackles. It required nine minutes to shackle him and he removed and unlocked all the irons in 2 minutes and 41 seconds in a most remarkable
manner. Certified by the mayor and chief of police and other law e ...

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