by Fred Lowery

Six Benefits of Being Spiritually Informed
Fred Lowery

1.Knowledge gives substance to faith. If we rely on emotion, feelings, someone else's opinion, a book, a tradition, or some other empty humanistic hope, the result is that our faith lacks substance.

2.Knowledge stabilizes us during times of testing. When the bottom virtually drops out of our life we don't panic or doubt or bail out of our faith.

3.Knowledge enables us to handle the Bible accurately.

4.Knowledge equips us to detect and confront error. When you know where you stand spiritually no one can get you off course. You know in light what scripture teaches that what is presented to you is out of wack. You can't be intimidated.

5.It makes us confident in our daily walk. Show me a person who stumbles in the Christian faith and I will show you a person who isn't exposing himself or herself to consistent intake of the scriptures. Biblical knowledge and personal conference are like siamese twins, inseparably linked together.

6.A good foundation spiritual truth filters out fears and superstitions. It is amazing how many people operate their lives from superstition and fear. God's truth has a way of silencing those erroneous voices that would otherwise siphon our inner energy and immobilize us.

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the breeding ground for fear and prejudice, leading ultimately superstition and slavery. An uneducated country is a defenseless country at the mercy of an educated country.

Never stop learning and do not believe something just because someone says it. Find out for yourself.

See 1st Peter Chapter 3 v 13-16.

"and this is my prayer: That your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best. (Phil. Chpt 1, Vs 9-10)

False teachers have no qualms about leading people into the realm of error. They usually possess charisma and have the ability to persuade others to buy into their positio ...

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