by Fred Lowery

Read the Walls
Fred Lowery

To remove any and all doubt concerning the faith of
our founding fathers and their often stated build America on biblical principles - one
need only visit the landmarks, monuments and official
buildings of our government in Washington D. C. Read
the Walls and you will find etched in stone and
expressed in stained glass the indisputable fact that
Almighty God was America's original protector,
benefactor and guide and the Holy Bible was her
founding document. One would have to be deaf, dumb
and dishonest to miss such varied and abundant
official evidences of America's deep and abiding faith
in God as there are in Washington. It has been said
that we would need to sandblast every wall from the
capitol building to the Potomac River to erase the
testimonies of our nation's biblical roots. The walls
proclaim a living message that true liberty comes from
no man but God.

The Capitol
In 1962, two days after the Supreme Court declared
prayer in the public schools unconstitutional, Senator
Robert Byrd of West Virginia delivered an address to
Congress reminding his colleagues of the Christian
symbolism throughout their own city. The senator,
visibly moved by the disastrous court decision, took
the members of Congress on a verbal tour of the major
landmarks of the capitol city. He then concluded:
"Inasmuch as our greatest leaders have shown no doubt
about God's proper place in the American birthright,
can we, in our day, dare do less?"

In our nation's capitol, just off the rotunda, there
is a place of private prayer and meditation for
members of Congress. In this official prayer room,
there is a beautiful stained glass window showing
George Washington, the father of our country, kneeling
in prayer. Behind and around the kneeling president
are these words from Psalm 16:1: "Preserve me, O God,
for in Thee do I put my trust." Every session of the
H ...

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