by Fred Lowery

Dr. Fred Lowery

1. Need to hear it (see it) 30 times if it is something we want to do.

2. Need to hear it (see it) 50 times if it is something we need to do.

The first real confusion in a child's life is when he decides girls are better than frogs but he isn't sure why?

Dear God - Are boys better than girls - I hear you are one so try to be fair.4

1. I'll do what I want and it really doesn't matter what God wants

2. If God will give me what I want first, then I will give Him what He wants.

You are a negotiator
You are at the barganing table.

You are not in love with him - you are in arbitration.

3. I'll give God what He wants first, if He'll give me what I want.

God as Santa Claus

4. I'll give God what He wants regardless of what He gives me.

ILLUS. Jeb Stewart, a leader in Civil War. When he would write his general, he would sign it "Yours to count on - Jeb Stewart" Can we look at God and say that?

"Successful people do what unsuccessful replace unwilling to do."

Its wonderful when people believe in their leader but it is even better when the leader believes in his people.

e.g. See them as two's "2's" and they will perform as two's . See them as tens and they will lkperform as tens. Make winners out of your people by ehlping them to see themselves as winners.

We judge people in two ways.
(1) Past experience
(2) Present experience

God sees us for what we can become - our potential.

If there is sadness in Heaven
It will be those who were saved but uncommited.

What about when we see Jesus
Face to face
See His scars - nail prints
See wher ...

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