by Ike Reighard

At Home on His Throne
Ike Reighard
Revelation 4


As I shared with you in beginning our study of Revelation, the book itself is divided into three major sections according to Revelation 1:19.

1."The things that you have seen."
The vision of a glorified Christ in Chapter 1.

2."The things which are."
Chapters 2 and 3 outline the history of the seven church ages with the seven churches of Asia Minor. (The church is not mentioned again by name in the book until the postscript at the end.)

3."The things which will be hereafter."
These are the future events which will take place when the true church is raptured out.

I believe that from the fourth chapter the first verse all of these events follow the rapture of all true believers. The mission of the church will be completed. I believe that right now we are living in the very end of the second division, "The Things Which Are," and our generation may very well see the Lord's appearing to carry away His Bride!

Now, we are going to examine the wonders that will follow the rapture of the church. In other words, "Things Which Must be Hereafter." The golden key that unlocks the Book of Revelation is Revelation 1:19. The key word in Chapter 4 is the word throne -- stability and control. God is in control. It will appear 12 times in 11 verses; 17 times in Chapters 3 and 4; and 37 times in the Book.

Many people called Revelation a throne book. From the throne mercy is given, judgment is dispensed, and the sovereign reigns. An eternal throne.

Psalm 103:19 -- "The Lord hath prepared His throne in the heavens; and His kingdom ruleth over all."

Right now, in the Age of Grace, God's throne is mercy, but after Chapter 4, it becomes judgment.

I. The prophetic theme.v. 1

"After this..." -- the Laodicean lukewarmness.

A. The door.
The door symbolizes passing from one place to another. The Bible tells us there is only one door of salvation. "I am the door; by me if any man e ...

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