by Ike Reighard

Encased in His Might
Ike Reighard
April 3, 1994


The greatest question ever asked by a mortal man was put forth by Job when he pondered immortality by asking, "If a man dies, will he live again."

This question is still raised today as we seek to know can we exist somewhere else when our time on earth is over? Theologians ponder it; Hollywood hypothesizes about it. (Ghost, Flat Liners, Heart and Souls) Writers romanticize its possibilities.

Betty J. Eadie's book, Embraced by the Light, has spent 20+ weeks perched at the top of the New York Times' best-seller list. Her book is a first-hand account of a near death experience that makes for fantastic reading.

**My own near death -- sassing my mother.

Ms. Eadie starts out by dedicating her book to "Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Light." Then the book becomes a theological Disneyland combining New Age, Scriptures out of context, Mormonism, Christian Science, Buddhism and several other cultic beliefs. No wonder the book spent so much time at the top of the New York Times' best-seller list. It offends few, encourages many of the uninformed and does nothing for everyone, except confuse them.

1. It denies the Trinity. page 47
2. It teaches a preexistent soul. (Mormonism) Pp. 31-32
There is only one incarnation, and that is Jesus Christ.
3. Rejects the idea of sin.
4. Teaches that we can come to know Jesus after we die. Pp. 84-85.

"Here or in the Spirit."
We do not "accept Jesus," Ead ...

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