by Ike Reighard

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The Gift of Honor (5 of 10)
Series: The Demand of Command
Ike Reighard
Exodus 20
February 13, 1994


As we read through the Ten Commandments, I am struck by the fact that the first four Commandments deal with our relationship with God and the next six Commandments deal with our relationships with each other. I do not believe that it is coincidence that as we look at the set of six Commandments that concerns relationships that the first relationship talks about the family. Unless we learn how to live together in the family, it is unlikely we will get along with anybody anywhere. This is why preservation of the family structure is a key to the survival of a nation.

You will note that the Scriptures encourage us to:

1."Honor your father and your mother."
The result of following this non-optional advice is that:

2."Your days may be prolonged in the land."
The power to accomplish this is summed up in the last seven words, "which the Lord your God gives you." "Gives you" indicates continual action based on following instructions.

How do we "honor" our parents?
Gary Smalley says:
"Honor is a decision we make to place high value, worth, and importance on another person by viewing him or her as a priceless gift and granting him or her a position in our lives worthy of great respect, and love involves putting the decision i ...

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