by Ike Reighard

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Do Not Commit Adultery (7 of 10)
Series: The Demand of Command
Ike Reighard
Exodus 20
February 27, 1994


I honestly believe that other than death, nothing causes as much pain in a family than adultery. In some ways it is more devastating because trust has been shattered, and what was an alive, thriving marriage is turned into a "zombie state" of sleepwalking through the remaining years of the marriage. Even when the marriage survives and dodges the bullet of divorce, the resulting scars are tattooed on the hearts of adultery victims.

Adultery indicates that:
**I no longer value you.
**My desires are more important than you.

If the Sixth Commandment on killing prohibits the unwarranted taking of a life, the Seventh Commandment prohibits taking the life out of a marriage. Adultery is taking that which does not belong to you. I have never in 20 years of ministry had someone tell me what a blessing adultery has been. The Sixth Commandment emphasized the sanctity of life. The Seventh Commandment reinforces the sanctity of marriage.

**Some of you who are not currently married or single may believe you are free from violating the Seventh Commandment. If adultery is "sexual immorality between two individuals in which one or both are married to other people," then fornication is "the illicit sexual activity between unmarried people. Either one is harshly condemned in Scripture. Proverbs 5:1-7

I. The allure of the sexes.

A. A design for completeness.

The Bible teaches that God created them "male and female."

B. A desire for companionship.

The first emotional need in the scriptures is loneliness. Adam felt inadequate by himself.

C. A demand to create.
God wanted mankind to reproduce and fill the earth, and God gave mankind a marvelous way to accomplish the goal -- sex.

II. The appeal of sexuality.

A. Physical enjoyment.

Sex drive.

Our "drive" must be kept under control like water (flood), fire (burned ...

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