by Ike Reighard

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Making God First and Foremost (1 of 10)
Series: The Demand of Command
Ike Reighard
Exodus 20
January 16, 1994


We are a society that is intent on being number one.
1. National Champions in collegiate football -- Florida State.
2. The Final Four -- NCAA Basketball -- Duke Blue Devils.
3. The Word Series -- Toronto Blue Jays.
4. The National Basketball Association -- Chicago Bulls.
Every time a camera pans the stands, fans everywhere give the No. 1 sign.

Our society is obsessed with being number one -- the captain of our own ship, the leader of the pack, the "big" dog, the independent spirit, the sole master of our fate. Yet, the biblical picture is much different. God is number one, not us. God's demands are number one, not our desires.

The 10 Commandments are the steps toward becoming responsible before God. They do not transfer a relationship with God. Only Jesus can do this. Thus, a Christian might insist the Old Testament commands are not required of us. Yet, Jesus stated:

READ Matthew 5:17

These are not rules, but a way of life!
The 10 Commandments have impacted Western culture more than any other document. They point the way. They mark a standard. They are the benchmark of god-fearing, moral people.

Let's start with the Demand of Command Number One.

I. Acknowledgement of God's providence.

Exodus 20:1

A. They were reminded by Great God.

"I am the Lord your God."

"I Am" sent Moses.
"I Am" strengthened Moses.
"I Am" saved Moses.

B. They were removed by God's grace.
"Who brought you out of Egypt."
Not by their own might or manipulations, but by The Master and by His method -- Grace -- "God's unmerited favor." A gracious God.

C. They were reestablished for bountiful growth.
"Out of the house of bondage."
From bond ...

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