by Ike Reighard

Why I Believe in Immortality
Ike Reighard
John 11; John 14
August 14, 1994


I read the story several years ago about an American submarine in WW II that was torpedoed by a Nazi U Boat and sent out a signal of distress that they were sinking off the coast of England. Allied ships picked up the signal and a rescue effort was put into effect. When the ships arrived at the broadcast coordinates, all they found was oil slicked waters thousands of feet deep.

Deep sea divers immediately suited up and set out to go down to the sea floor. They found the crippled submarine and began to examine the nautical tomb. Taking out their sea knives, they used the handles to tap on the steel walls to see if they might obtain any response, if anyone was still alive. As one of the divers was tapping, suddenly he heard the unmistakable sound of tapping from the inside. He was excited to hear the tapping, and then he realized there was a pattern to the tapping coming from inside the submarine. It was a message in Morse Code. As the message was tapped out, it asked a question over and over. Is there any hope? Is there any hope?

In the world in which we live today, we hear a doomed society tapping out the same question. Is there any hope?

The hope of humanism is a futile tapping. The seduction of sex is a hammer many tap with. The myth of materialism is a hope sunk to the bottom of the sea. Even the rise of religion today is a desperate attempt to get God's attention.

With a spiritual Morse Code, the question, "Is there any hope?" is most notably shown in our society's fear of death. Job posed the question by asking, "If a man dies, can he live again?"

Is there any hope?

The last four months I have studied extensively about the condition of the world and what the Bible teaches about the end of times as we know them.

I firmly believe that many of us will see the return of Jesus Christ prophesied in Scriptur ...

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