by Ike Reighard

Why I Believe in Jesus Christ
Ike Reighard


In this passage of Scripture, we see Simon Peter go from the height of hearing God's voice to the low of listening to the voice of Satan. Jesus wanted to know at Caesarea Philippi (God pan and his statue) who men said that He was. Simon got the right answer, then a few minutes later he slipped into carnality and tried to present Jesus from carrying out God's mission.

From sublime to sinister.
From enlightened to endangered.

Do you ever feel like Simon Peter?
Jesus then pointed out how to be a true disciple.
Come after Him.
Deny yourself.
Take up His cause (cross) and follow Him.

Today, I want to tell you why I believe in Jesus; what I believe about Jesus and why you need to believe in Jesus Christ.

I. Why I became a believer in Jesus Christ.
I never was an atheist -- a denier of a superior being.
I never was an agnostic -- not sure what you believe.
Yet, I was spiritually lost!
I was a "good" person. You were Christian because of being an American and believing in God or you were a Communist and played soccer. Now, I knew about God, but I did not know God. You can know about Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan or Bush, yet not personally know them. To truly know a person, you must experience them. I became a believer in Jesus Christ for several reasons.

A.I had a spiritual void.
Lack of purpose.
***Baptized to play baseball. Died Yankee Stadium.

B. I had spiritual influence around me.
Her dad.
Her grandmother's death. Peace in the midst of tragedy.
John Yarbrough.

C. The Holy Spirit convicted me.

D. The Scriptures convinced me.

E. My own personal changes assured me.
I did not turn over a new leaf, I had a new life.
I did not have just a profession, I had ...

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