by Ike Reighard

The Blessing Book
Ike Reighard
Revelation 1:1-3


The Book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that presents Jesus Christ as He is today. The Gospels show Jesus as a man acquainted with grief and sorrow, but Revelation shows Him in His true glory and majesty.

Far too many people have adopted the attitude that they cannot understand or profit from the Book of Revelation. Yet, the Book of Revelation, one book out of 66, is the only one to promise a special blessing for those who read it and hear its words.

Revelation 22:7

This book also gives us a view of God's plan for the future. Virtually everyone wishes that they could see the future. Revelation affords us a glimpse of God's unfolding plans. We will see angelic intervention, the rise of the anti-Christ, the terrible tribulation, the day of the Lord, the end of Satan, the glorification of the church, the future of the saints, and the new Jerusalem.

Uniquely, Revelation also completes the circle of biblical truths that start in the Book of Genesis. This book is a book of consummation.

Genesis - The beginning of the curse. (vv. 3:15-18)
Revelation - The banishment of the curse. (v. 22:3)

Genesis - The devil discredits God's Word. (vv. 3:1-5)
Revelation - The Lord declares God's Word. (v. 22:19)

Genesis - The commencement of Heaven and earth. (v. 1:1)
Revelation - The consummation of Heaven and earth. (v. 21:1)

Genesis - The entrance of sin and curse. (vv. 3:1-19)
Revelation - The end of sin and curse. (v. 21:27)

Genesis - The dawn of Satan and activities. (v. 3:1-7)
Revelation - The doom of Satan and activities. (v. 20:10)

Genesis - The Tree of Life is relinquished. (v. 2:9)
Revelation - The Tree of Life is regained. (v. 22:2)

Genesis - Death makes its entrance. (v. 2:17)
Revelation - Death makes its exit. (v. 21:4)

Genesis - Sorrow begins. (v. 3:16)
Revelation - Sorrow is banished. (v. 21:4)

There are three basic way ...

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