by Ike Reighard

What I Believe about the Future of New Hope
Ike Reighard
Acts 1:1-11
August 21, 1994


Eighteen years ago this past May, I came to New Hope to be the summer youth minister. At that time, Fayette County's population was around 14,000, and New Hope was running approximately 165 in Sunday School. Two and one-half years later, I became senior pastor and the ride we have taken together into the future has been miraculous and greatly blessed by God.

Who would have believed:
**That New Hope would become the second fastest growing church in America?
July 24, 1994 -- AM Service
**The fastest of any denomination in the state of Georgia during a three-year stretch.
**That our gifts to the Cooperative Program this past year would surpass the entire budget when I came on this staff.
**That we would go from four acres to 90+ acres.
**That we would start two local congregations along with three national ones.
**That our ministry would go from a local rural congregation to one of national prominence as we affect the lives of other congregations who model our philosophy and programming.

Yet, this has become our legacy of the last 18 years.

Vast Blessings.
Vast Resources.
Vast Influence.
But, most important, Vast Potential for the years ahead.
Wonderful Facilities.
Ample Parking.
Room to Grow.
A growing population that now numbers over 74,000+ residents. (A growth rate of 115% from 1980 to 1990.)
By 1999 -- 83,000+. (Growing by 34% -- 1990-1999.)

Where does New Hope fit in to reach our community? It is a totally different world we are trying to reach in the mid-90s versus the mid-70s. What will be our unique hook that we can hang our future on?

I ...

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