by James Merritt

No Matter What Happens
Dr. James Merritt
Romans 8:28


[9/11 Video]

1. Go back to that fateful day - 9/11/01. Just imagine if the government had known about the impending attack and had intervened with all of its power. Can you imagine how enraged passengers and airlines would have been at the increased security and the airport delays? Racial profiling of middle- eastern men would have caused unprecedented outrage against the Bush Administration. Heightened security alerts would have been perceived as fanaticism and overreaction and the backlash of criticism would have been unbelievably enormous. Yet, with 20/20 vision every American would gladly have embraced these actions to prevent these atrocities that were perpetrated on 9/11. In just that way, we will never know the tragedies, troubles, and tribulations that God has prevented by implementing drastic measures in our life that at the time angered us, frustrated us, and confused us, but really was all for our good.

2. All of this raises some questions.

- Have you ever been bitter toward God because of something you think He caused or allowed to happen?

- Have you ever been disappointed with God that He did not give you something that you asked for and thought you should have?

- Have you ever been angry with God because He allowed something to happen to you or a loved one that you knew He could have prevented?

- Have you ever resented something about your physical appearance - the physical features you were born with that God gave you?

- Have you ever been upset with God because a situation did not turn out the way you wanted it to?

3. If any of these questions are true, and for most of us at least some of them are, there is a truth that you need to treasure, a fact that you need to frame, a principle that you need to ponder and it is this: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, GOD ALWAYS ACTS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

4. But that raises another question. What is in your best int ...

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