by James Merritt

Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow
James Merritt
Philippians 3:12-15


1. Some years ago, NEWSWEEK magazine reported a fortune tellers' convention in Dublin, Ireland. Palm readers, crystal ball gazers and astrologers from all over the world gathered for a week to compare notes, learn techniques, and make new predictions. While they were all together in one of the convention meetings, a thief broke into their hotel rooms and stole all of their crystal balls and tarot cards. When the police investigated the crime, they asked the fortune tellers the obvious question: ''Why didn't you know this was going to happen, and why weren't you able to predict it?''

2. A scientist once said, ''Prediction is very difficult - especially about the future.'' Well, no one can predict the future; no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, but there are two things you cannot do about tomorrow and one thing you had better not do. First of all, you cannot PRESUME on tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. Today may be your last day.

3. Secondly, you cannot PREDICT tomorrow. You do not know what will happen tomorrow and neither do I. But number three, you had better not PROCRASITNATE about tomorrow. Not only should you not put off until tomorrow what you should do today, you should not put off today getting ready for tomorrow in case tomorrow does come.

3. As we have talked about having a new beginning, we should celebrate the past, we must seize the present, but we should also claim the future. We need to live as if today will be our last day, but we need to prepare as if it will not be. We need to make sure that if tomorrow does come, that tomorrow will be the best day of our life.

4. The way you do that is by setting goals. Paul said in Philippians 3:12-15 (THE MESSAGE).

''I'm not saying that I have this altogether, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously looked out for me. ''Friends, don't get me ...

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