by James Merritt

A Blast from the Past
James Merritt
Deuteronomy 6:20-25


1. I heard about a man who had retired, and he got up one morning and the first thing he did was read the obituary column to find out who had died. Well, on this particular morning he read that column and the newspaper by mistake had put his name in the column and reported that he was dead.

2. He was not only shaken he was irate. He called the editor of the newspaper and fussed him out. Finally the editor said, ‘‘I’ll tell you what we’ll do. In the morning we’ll put your name in the birth column and give you a brand new beginning.’’

3. There really is something exciting about new beginnings. There’s something exciting about a new year because you know it is a new beginning. There’s something exciting about starting a new job because you know it is a new beginning. There’s something exciting about moving into a new home because you know it could be a new beginning. There’s something exciting about a new day because you know with it comes a new beginning.

4. Believe it or not, you can have a new beginning in your life more often than you think because a new beginning requires three simple, but different, looks. First of all, it requires a look BACK to see where you’ve been; it then requires a look AROUND to see where you are; then it requires a look AHEAD to see where you need to go.

5. Now you can’t really get to where you need to go until you know where you are. But you really cannot know where you are until you know where you’ve been.

6. Mickey Mantel was going to Yogi Berra’s apartment one afternoon and he got lost. He stopped at a pay phone and called Yogi and said, ‘‘Yogi, I’m trying to find your apartment, where is it?’’ Yogi said, ‘‘Where are you now?’’ He said, ‘‘I’m at the corner of 5th and Main.’’ Yogi said, ‘‘Well, just keep coming in this direction,’’ and hung up.

7. The nation of Israel was less than a two-week journey fr ...

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