by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43


1. [fake rolex] Have you ever wondered why Lie
Detectors are not allowed as evidence in a Court of
Law? Well according to one of the top criminal hunters
in America, they are too easy to manipulate. First of
all, they don't detect lies; they detect stress
through pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. But
if the subject is not particularly stressed out by
fear of punishment, he can beat the machine.

2. He goes on to point out that even if a person is
stressed there are still other ways to disguise
stress. One is to coat the fingers with clear nail
polish to stop perspiration. Another is taking a
relatively strong tranquilizer or beta blocker because
they inhibit adrenalin. Another way to beat the box
is to think of something scary when you're telling the
truth, or even press your toe against a tack in your
shoe, so that your true responses and your lies will
look similar on the graph. The point is, even a
machine cannot always tell when a person may be saying
one thing on the outside, but really is saying
something else on the inside. In other words, even a
lie detector cannot always detect a liar. It is very
difficult for anybody to infallibly detect

3. This is certainly true in the world of theology.
The late Dear Abby once got a letter that said:

I was riding the local transient bus today when
the bus driver struck up a conversation with me. I
was sitting near her and there was nobody else on the
bus. I don't know why, but she asked me what church I
went to. I told her I was a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints, known as the Mormon
She then said that SHE was a Christian! I then
replied, "Well, so am I." Then she told me I was not
a Christian because my religion teaches that Jesus was
not the Son of God. I tried to keep my cool and tried

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