by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Luke 14:25-35


1. Think about these words: dedication, devotion,
discipleship, commitment, consecration, surrender,
sacrifice. There are no blue-light specials on these
virtues in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is
not k-mart. I want you to get these two statements
into your heart. Salvation is free, but discipleship
is not cheap.

2. You may be familiar with the term day-trader. A
day-trader is a high-risk investor who jumps in and
out of the stock market often many times a day to
capitalize on small price changes. These people have
virtually no interest in the companies whose stock
they are purchasing. They are simply trying to catch
stocks that they think are going to rise in value and
then they will sell and go looking for other quick -
pick opportunities.

3. There is another group of investors who have
become known as "dot-com" investors. They look for
internet companies especially those with "dot-com" at
the end of their names. They spend a little time
researching the firms who have these stocks and they
buy into them on a marginal basis and as soon as the
price increases, sell them.

4. Within the church there are a lot of what I call
Day-traders and Dot-com investors. They know a little
about God in reality and many think they can buy a
small share of without first
investigating Jesus' claim to being Lord over all of
their lives.

5. Luke 14:25 tells us that Jesus was speaking to
"great multitudes." What He is about to say was not
just to His core followers. He was talking to a huge
crowd. We would call this crowd today "groupies."

6. There is a phrase that rings through this passage
three times and gives the message Jesus is sharing. A
pungent sharpness that you can't miss. Three times
Jesus says, "He cannot be my disciple." (vv. 26,27,33)

7. Unlike a lot of chur ...

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