by James Merritt

Here Comes The Bridegroom
Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 25:1-13


1. As you well know you certainly cannot always
believe everything you read in the papers. Some of
the headlines in papers are absolutely astounding.
These are actual headlines that actually ran in
American newspapers.

> Experts say jet crashed because something went

> Police begin campaign to run down jay walkers.

> Crash probe decides plane was too close to ground

> Minors refuse to work after death

> Cold wave linked to temperatures

> Couple slain: police suspect homicide

> New study of obesity looks for larger test group

> Typhoon rips through cemetery hundreds dead

Well, I really wish that every newspaper in America,
in fact every newspaper around the world, would run
this headline at least once a week: Jesus Is Coming

2. The second coming of Jesus Christ is the greatest
prophetic event of the ages. Now there are many
things that are important in the Bible such as the new
birth, but it is only mentioned nine times. As
Baptists, we believe baptism is important, but baptism
is only mentioned twenty times. You cannot be saved
apart from repentance, but repentance is mentioned
only seventy times - one out of every twenty-five
verses - the word of God says, Jesus Christ is coming

3. One of the last parables that Jesus ever told was
just before He went to the cross to die for our sins.
It is interesting to know that the two last parables
Jesus ever told concerned His second coming. Jesus
not only had the sins of the world on His mind before
He went to the cross, He had His second coming on his
mind. Just as He was serious about the second coming,
we had better be as well. In this parable He gives us
three pieces of advice we had better heed if we are
going to be ready for the bridegroom when He comes for
His bride.

I. Be Wise To Meet The Coming Of The Brideg ...

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