by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Luke 16:1-13


1. It is one of the strangest television shows I
believe ever produced. Deprived of basic comforts,
exposed to harsh natural elements; your fate is at the
mercy of people you have never met. Stranded
somewhere perhaps on a remote island or in the jungle,
you are forced to band together and carve out a new
existence, using the collective wits of all the people
involved to survive in a rugged and primitive

2. Different tests, from the elements, to the
weather, to dangerous animals, tests the endurance of
the group every day. Then every three days or so
there is a one hour episode of this TV show in which
the "survivors" must form their own cooperative
society; building shelter, gathering and catching
food, and participating in various contests for
certain rewards. Those who succeed in the day-to-day
challenges are rewarded with things to make life more
bearable; those who fail do without.

3. On the last day of these three-day cycles, the
survivors must attend a "tribal council." At this
meeting each person votes secretly to send one fellow
survivor home. The person with the most votes must
leave the tribe immediately. Week-by-week, one-by-one
people are voted off until at the final episode only
two survivors remain. At that point, the seven most
recently eliminated survivors are returned to form the
final tribal council, and decide who would be the sole
survivor and win $1 million.

4. Two thousand years ago the Lord Jesus told a
parable about another survivor. He survived by using
what he had to his greatest personal advantage. Jesus
used this parable to teach us a great lesson about one
of the most important topics we all face, and all have
to deal with, and that is money management.

5. It may surprise you to know that Jesus talked more
about money than he talked about hell or heaven.

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