by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Luke 12:13-21


1. We are all familiar with the hit television show
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Well USA TODAY
recently said the answer is: "Everybody." In an
article entitled, "Everyone wants a shot at being a
millionaire," I found out that we are a country
drowning in millionaires. The estimate is there are
now around five million Americans with assets of $1
million or more; while just ten years ago there were
fewer than half that number. Billionaires are
multiplying even faster. In 1983 FORBES counted 13
American billionaires; today there are 267. Never
before in the history of this country has so much
money been made so quickly by so many people. (1)

2. Well, on the one hand it may not be wrong to want
to be a millionaire, but it can be very dangerous.
You know it is amazing how many things have warning
labels today. I have read warning labels that have
alerted me to defective car seats, inhaling fumes at a
gas station, opening hot radiators, drinking diet soft
drinks, smoking cigarettes, and wearing seatbelts.
When is the last time you saw a warning label on a $10
bill? A stock certificate? A bank deposit slip?
Imprinted on a credit card?

3. Well, sometimes I think there should be. Because
there really is a danger to money and material
possessions. Now I know people don't like to hear
preaching about money, and if I preached as much in
the Bible as there is about money, I would probably
preach on it at least every other Sunday. As you know
I am preaching through the parables right now, but you
may not realize that out of the Lord's 38 parables, 16
of them dealt with man's relationship to money and
material things.

4. We're going to study a parable today about a man
that God calls a fool. My Dad used to say, "A fool
and his money soon part." This is a parable about a
man who was a fool no ...

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