by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Luke 14:15-24


1. Several years ago a book came out entitled THE
GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. I am sure that millions of
people knew the subject of the book before they even
opened its pages. Because it was the story of Jesus
Christ. Quite frankly, the greatest story ever told
is the story of how God the Son left heaven and came
to earth in the form of human flesh, lived a human
life, died a human death, was raised from the dead
supernaturally that He might come and live in the
hearts of those who would receive Him by faith.

2. THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is about the greatest
storyteller who ever lived; who told perhaps the
greatest stories ever heard, called parables. A
parable is like a treasure chest. Inside each parable
is a nugget of truth, and it takes a heavenly key to
unlock these earthly stories to reveal the nugget of
spiritual truth that is found inside.

3. The parable that we are going to study today is a
parable about fellowship. It pictures a God who
invites everyone, at every time, from every place, to
come to his table of fellowship and eat the bread of
grace, drink the wine of joy, and enjoy His presence
forever. It is an invitation that calls for an RSVP.

4. There are certain invitations that deserve an
immediate and an affirmative response. I will never
forget two invitations I received, and I don't mind
telling you I did respond immediately and I did
respond affirmatively. One invitation was to the
White House. I will always remember the day when my
Assistant, Joanne, called me and said, "The President
wants to know if you can come to the White House for a
meeting." Now let me tell some things that I didn't
say. I didn't say, "Let me check my calendar." I
didn't say, "Not now, I'm too busy." I didn't say,
"Could you tell him to call back later?" I simply
said, "Yes."

5. The ...

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