by James Merritt

James Merritt
Matthew 7:15-23


1. Several years ago one of the greatest scandals
ever to hit the music industry occurred. Two young
men had formed a group called Milli Vanilli. They cut
an album called “Girl, You Know It’s True.” For that
album they won a Grammy Award. They were invited to
give concerts everywhere. They were making money by
the boatloads. There was only one problem.

2. They had lip-synced the entire recording, and they
had to return the Grammy. When you played their tape,
when you listened to their music, it sounded just as
good as the real thing. But it was all a fake; it was
all a sham. There is a type of religion that I call
“Milli Vanilli” religion. It is practiced by people
in the pulpit as well as people in the pew. Satan
attacks the church primarily in two ways; from the
outside and from the inside. From the outside he
attacks with fierce persecution. But on the inside he
attacks with false prophets, false profession, and
false preaching.

3. I want you to learn a very valuable lesson. The
devil is not opposed to personal religion. He is
opposed to biblical revelation, and he is opposed to a
true spiritual relationship with God. Satan is doing
all that he can to poison the biblical well of truth,
to pervert the gospel, and to prevent people from
leaving spiritual darkness and coming to the light of
the Lord Jesus Christ and one of his greatest weapons
is “Milli Vanilli” religion.

4. Now there is a word I want you to see in this
passage, and it is the very first word, “Beware.” Any
time that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, tells you to
“beware” that is “code red.” That is the highest
security alert; you had better sound the alarm and
ring the bell; widen your eyes and perk up your ears
because danger is lurking.

5. I remember when I was a boy taking a little
sugar tablet; it was an inoculat ...

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