by James Merritt

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The King and His Kingdom (2 of 4)
Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 6:33


1. Perhaps the most famous kingdom on the planet today is a make-believe kingdom called the Magic Kingdom. It is found in Disney World. Can you imagine if this entire world was indeed a magic kingdom? Think about it. Everything would be clean; everybody would be nice; all news would be good news; the only work would be play, and the only object would be fun; and life would be a thrill a minute.

2. There would, however, be two problems if all of the world was a magic kingdom. First of all, most of the world could not afford to get in (have you seen the prices at Disney World lately?) But the other problem is this: Has it ever occurred to you that in the Magic Kingdom there is no king?

3. Well, I want to tell you about another kingdom. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, it is not a make-believe kingdom, it is a real kingdom. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, it is not a kingdom you can see, but rather a kingdom you cannot see. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, which will be gone in time, this kingdom lasts for all eternity.

4. This kingdom is not the ''Magic Kingdom,'' it is the Master's Kingdom. It is a kingdom where Christ is King, and Jesus is Lord; a kingdom where there is no war, just peace; no sadness, just joy; no sickness, just health; no death, just life; no hatred, just love; no fear, just faith.

5. It is a kingdom where one day the lion will lie down with the lamb; where the child will play with a snake; where the wolf will feed with the sheep, not on the sheep. It is called in the Bible the kingdom of God.

6. Now if you are a Christian you are a citizen of this kingdom. Jesus Christ is your King, and you have certain responsibilities to this kingdom that you must fulfill. I want to share those with you today.


1. When Jesus said, ''Seek first the kingdom of God,'' there obviously must be a kingdom to seek. You can only seek something t ...

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