by James Merritt

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The Only Way to Live
Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 5:27-30


1. A teacher was working with a grammar lesson and
she said to one of her students, "Willie, what is it
when I say 'I love you, you love me, he loves me?'"
Willie replied, "That's one of those triangles where
somebody gets shot."

2. Well, it used to be a situation where somebody
would get shot—with a gun. Today it's a situation
that gets shot with a television camera. Television
refers to adultery, to sex outside of marriages, 13
TIMES more frequently than it mentions intimacy
between a husband and a wife.

3. There was a time when adultery, fornication,
homosexuality, or any type of premarital or
extramarital sex, was overwhelmingly viewed as wrong,
immoral, and sinful. There was a time when people
understood that some attractions are FATAL, but no
more. What was once considered sinful is now
considered normal and even defended.

4. Several years ago Senator Robert Packwood from
Oregon, was eventually forced to leave office because
of an affair he had with one of his aides. He
recalled a meeting with a minister in discussing this,
and said, "He doesn't think that extramarital sex is
right. He thinks in the office it is doubly unfair.
He looked at me and said, 'I don't sense any
repentance in you. To which I replied, 'What did I do
wrong? If there's any error, it's that I misjudged
these women.'"

5. When Packwood said that, the minister hit the
roof. He said, "Packwood, the cop-out of everybody
who doesn't believe they did wrong is to say they
misjudged." Packwood replied, "That may be true, but
when those of us say it, we don't mean it as a cop-
out, we just don't think we did anything wrong."(1)

6. When mistresses were interviewed about feeling
guilt about an affair, 32% said they had very little
guilt about their affair, and 30% said they had no
guilt. Pr ...

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