by James Merritt

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Murder in the first degree (3 of 4)
The Only Way to Live
Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 5:21-26


1. We are in the middle of a series of messages I've
entitled "The Only Way to Live." It is based on the
greatest sermon ever preached in history - the Sermon
on the Mount. Up to this point in the sermon, Jesus
has been very general in his comments but now he gets
very specific. He addresses six critical areas where
what goes on in the inside of a person is far more
important than what occurs on the outside of a person.
He is going to be dealing with murder, adultery,
divorce, honesty, revenge, and loving your enemies.

2. What he is about to say is not only going to
astound the common people who heard him, but also
deeply anger the pharisees. Because you see the
pharisees believe that righteousness begins and ends
on the outside of a person. Jesus is going to teach
us that righteousness begins on the inside of a

3. Six times Jesus either quotes from the Law or
from the interpretation of the Law given by the
pharisees and the rabbis during that day. Then after
quoting the Law he then gives his interpretation of
what the Law really means. Five times he says "You
have heard" but then he follows by saying "But I say."
With the subject of divorce in verses 31 and 32, he
says "It was said" but then he adds "but I say."

4. Now some people believe that Jesus is
contradicting the teaching of Moses and contradicting
the Old Testament Law. But the contrast is not
between the Old Testament and what Jesus is going to
teach us here in the New Testament. The contrast is
between the way the Law had been mishandled and
misinterpreted by the legalistic pharisees and what
the Law really meant. In fact, when Jesus is quoting
strictly from the Old Testament, He uses the words "It
is written." But in these verses he introduces what
the pharisees taught by saying "It was sai ...

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