by James Merritt

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You Had Better Get It Right (2 of 4)
Series: The Only Way to Live
James Merritt
Matthew 5:17-20


1. Even little children understand that there are some things you had better get right and understand to be true, or you can get yourself into big trouble. For example: I came across a little document entitled ''Great truths about life that little children have learned.'' Here are some of them:

- No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.
- When your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair.
- If your sister hits you don't hit her back; they always catch the second person.
- Never ask your three-year-old brother to hold a tomato.
- You can't trust dogs to watch your food.
- Puppies still have bad breath even after eating a Tic-Tac.
- Never hold a dust buster and a cat at the same time.
- You cannot hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
- Don't wear polka dot underwear under white shorts.

2. Now there are some things you had better get right if you're going to be rightly related to God, both in this life and in the life to come. Jesus is going to answer a question in Matthew 5:17-20 which is extremely critical for life as we know it today, and that is: Is there an absolute basis for truth, for law, for morals, for what is right, and for what is wrong; and if there is-what is it?

3. Jesus' answer is-there is an absolute, and that absolute is found in the word of God. Now we continually hear today that because times have changed, the Bible no longer fits our world. But the truth is really the opposite. The Bible always fits because, as you are going to see, the Bible is God's perfect, eternal, infallible, inerrant Word.

4. In fact, it is the standard by which any true ''fit'' is measured. The problem is not that the Bible does not fit the world; the problem is the world does not fit the Bible. Not only because the world has changed, but because the Bible has NOT changed.

5. You had better have the re ...

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