by James Merritt

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Pour the Salt and Turn on the Light (1 of 4)
Series: The Only Way to Live
James Merritt
Matthew 5:13-16


1. I am beginning a brand new series of messages today on the Sermon on the Mount that I have entitled, ''The Only Way to Live.'' The reason I have given it that title is because that is exactly what Jesus tells us in the greatest sermon ever preached in the history of the world the Sermon on the Mount.

2. A Chinese Christian came to a missionary one time and said, ''I have learned to quote the entire Sermon on the Mount by memory.'' He stood before the missionary and perfectly quoted the sermon word-for- word. The missionary said, ''That is wonderful. How did you do it?'' The Chinese Christian said, ''I spent the last year trying to live it.''

3. Dr. James Stewart, a great British preacher, once said:

''The greatest threat to Christianity is not communism, it's not atheism, it's not materialism, it's not humanism. The greatest threat to Christianity is Christians trying to sneak into heaven incognito without ever sharing their faith, without ever living out the Christian life, without ever becoming involved in the most significant work God is doing on planet earth.''

4. This is exactly the problem Jesus was trying to remedy with this sermon. Think about the crowd to whom Jesus was speaking. It wasn't a gathering of the United Nations; it wasn't the Congress or a Parliament, or even an assembly at City Hall. It was a crowd on a hillside in a tiny spot of land called Palestine. It was a group of common people living common ordinary lives. They were under occupation; they couldn't make their own laws; they couldn't plan their own futures; they couldn't determine their own destinies; yet Jesus said to them, ''YOU are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.''

5. You may think you are insignificant, but I can tell you if you are a Christian you can make an incredible difference in this world. I heard about a man that ...

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