by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Acts 26


1. A man told the following true story:

A man suddenly knocked a glass off the table and
stood up, his face red and his eyes bulging. A piece
of steak had lodged in his throat and he couldn't
breathe. I glanced around the room hoping someone
would rush to him to apply the Heimlich maneuver. But
everyone froze helpless. I pushed my chair back and
ran to his side. When I wrapped my arms around his
girth and squeezed, the meat dislodged from his throat
and I could hear the welcome sound of a deep breath.

Later, several people came by my table and
expressed appreciation that I had helped. One
gentleman said, "I am so thankful you knew what to do.
Could you tell me where I could learn to do that? I
want to be prepared too."

The choking man's wife left a note for me with
the cashier. It said, "Thank you, my husband wanted
to thank you, but was too embarrassed and weak to say
anything. We are so thankful you were not afraid to
help us."

But no one could have been more afraid than me.
It wasn't absence of fear that made the difference;
the difference was I was prepared. This experience
taught me that I might be the only hope for someone
whose life hangs in the balance. (1)

2. Just as knowing how to use the Heimlich maneuver
can save someone's earthly life, knowing Jesus and
knowing how to make Jesus known to others, can enable
you to be a tool in God's hand to save someone's
eternal life. Unfortunately, the sin of silence, the
sound of silence, is deafening in our churches when it
comes to the saved sharing with the sinner how the
sinner can be saved.

3. Too many people are like a lady I heard about who
took a course in First Aid. Later on, those who took
the course were giving testimonies as to how effective
they were and she said, "I want to tell you how much
my first aid m ...

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