by James Merritt

Easter and a Lost World
James Merritt
Acts 17:16-34


1. Not long ago a lady wrote Dear Abby a letter, and in this letter this is what she said:

Dear Abby:

Your answer to the woman who complained that her relatives were always arguing with her about religion, was ridiculous. You advised her to simply declare the subject off-limits. Are you suggesting that people talk only about trivial meaningless subjects so as to avoid a potential controversy? It is arrogant to tell people there are subjects that they may not mention in your presence. You could have suggested she learn enough about her relatives' cult to show them the errors contained in its teachings.


Now in response, this is what Abby wrote:

Dear _____:
In my view, the height of arrogance is to attempt to show people the ''errors'' in the religion of their choice.1

2. Now if Easter is true, then Abby is wrong. If the tomb really was empty on that Easter morning, and if Jesus really is alive, then it is the height of arrogance not to show people the ''errors'' in the religion of their choice. In fact, we have a duty to do so.

3. The Apostle Paul understood that. He was neither politically correct nor theologically tolerant. He was an Easter messenger that was not ashamed of the Easter message.

4. The passage that we are going to study today is to me one of the most relevant passages to where we are in the world in all of the Bible. The setting is the city of Athens. In many ways to me the most glorious city in the world in terms of architecture and history is the city of Athens, Greece. The scenery is literally breathtaking. In that city is one of my all-time favorite spots that I've visited around the world. It is the Acropolis, on which the Parthenon sat overlooking the exquisite city of Athens.

5. The Parthenon was a temple dedicated to Athena, who was the Greek goddess of wisdom. It was built 400 years before Jesus Christ and is probably the most ...

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