by James Merritt

A call to arms
Dr. James Merritt
Exodus 17:8-16


1. Whether or not you are a boxing fan, names like Muhammad Ali, George foreman, mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield will certainly conjure up pictures of big-fisted Gladiators. C. D. Blalock is not as well known, but he did Something in the ring that should make him the most famous Boxer of all time.

2. In the 1930s Blalock stepped into the ring to fight Another boxer, but he didn't really need another opponent. Because in one of the strangest moments in boxing history, Blalock took a huge uppercut at his rival, missed him, and Ended up hitting himself right in the nose. He staggered and fell down totally out for the count. He became the Only prize fighter to defeat himself by knockout.

3. I believe there are many christians just like c. D. Blalock. They are in the ring against the devil or their Flesh or the world, but the devil doesn't really need any Help because they keep knocking themselves out.

4. Now we are all fighting some battle. Some of you are in a family battle. You're fighting for your marriage, or Fighting for your children. Some of you are in a financial Battle. You cannot seem to get a handle on your money, and You're struggling to make it. Some of you are having a Fitness battle. Either you are overweight or out of shape, or you're sick or have a disease. Some of you are having a Faithfulness battle. It's very difficult for you to Maintain a strong walk with the lord.

5. I am convinced that we all need ''a call to arms.'' you Will see why in the story we are going to read that I have Given this title to my message. Too many christians are Being defeated in their daily battles because some are not Even showing up for the war. Others do not even know a war Is going on. But I believe many christians are simply not Using their weapons. We're going to learn today how a call to arms can make all the difference in the world in being Victorious over the enemy.

I. The l ...

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