by James Merritt

Gospel Partners
Dr. James Merritt
Philippians 1:3-5


1. There was a church secretary who took a most unusual phone call. The caller asked if he could speak to "the Head Hog." Well, she quickly defended the dignity of her pastor, and with an irate tone said, "I want you to know that our pastor is held in the very highest esteem around here, and we address him as Rev. H. C. Herald. Currently Rev. Herald is
not available to speak with you."

2. The man then responded, "Well, I am sorry. I just learned about your new building program and my CPA recommended that I donate $1 million to provide a good tax shelter for me." The secretary quickly responded, "Wait just a minute, I believe I see the fat pig coming down the hall right now."

3. Influence is a marvelous thing. Dale Carnegie wrote a best-selling book, in fact, one of the best-selling books of all time, and it was titled How to Win Friends and Influence People. Now the truth is, every single person has influence over somebody. The question is not whether or not you are going to be a person of influence; the question is, How many people do you intend to influence, and how broad do you want your influence to be?

4. I want to tell you today how you can broaden your influence and have an impact across this nation and around this world, in places you will never go, and on people you will never meet. It is by becoming a partner in the gospel.

5. Let me give you the background of the passage we're going to study today. Paul had decided to make the world his parish. After he met the Lord Jesus Christ, he took three missionary journeys, going to regions of the world that had never heard the gospel, and preaching the Lord Jesus and planting churches.

6. On his second missionary journey he went to a city called Philippi. There he planted a church. After he left this city, the people there did something very unusual. They kept up with Paul for ten years. One full decade they would follow h ...

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