by James Merritt

Just a Closer Walk With Thee
James Merritt
James 4:8


1. How close are you to God? I can tell you exactly how close you are. You are as close as you want to be. God is as willing to get as close to you as you are willing to get close to Him.

2. The first way to go one step higher for God, is to get one step closer to God. When you take one step closer to God, you actually get two steps closer to God, for James 4:8 tells us, ''Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.''

3. That verse is both a precept and a promise. The precept is, you draw near to God; the promise is, God will draw near to you.

4. Now why is it in that order? Why doesn't God draw near to me so that I will then draw near to Him? Why must I draw near to God first? Jere. 29:13 says, ''And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.'' Why do I have to initiate the process? Why do I have to draw near to Him before He will draw near to me?

5. Well, the answer is in an old story I read about a farmer and his wife who were driving to town in their pickup truck. The farmer was sitting behind the steering wheel in silence; his wife was sitting on the other side of the cab against the door. After several miles the wife said, ''Jed, when we first got married we didn't sit this far apart.'' The old farmer dryly replied, ''I ain't the one that moved.''

6. I want to talk to you about developing the devotional life, or connecting with the quiet time. If you are married, God wants to be closer to you than you are to your own spouse. If you are single, God wants to be closer to you than you are to your best friend. If you are a child, God wants to be closer to you than you are to your own parents. He wants all of us to have ''just a closer walk'' with Him.

7. That comes through the devotional life; that quiet time with God. God is waiting on you to draw near to Him, and when you do He will draw near to you. The way to do that, the way to walk c ...

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