by James Merritt

Fill 'Er up, Lord
James Merritt
Ephesians 5:18-21


1. I know that it is rude and impolite, generally speaking, to ask personal questions. I mean there are just certain questions that people should know better than to ask. For example:

You should never go up to a woman and ask, ''How much do you weigh?''
Likewise, you should never go up to a woman and ask, ''How old are you?''
You should never go up to anyone and ask a question such as, ''Is that a wig?'' or, ''Do you color your hair?''
You should never ask anyone, ''Did your plastic surgery not work out, or do you always look like that?''

There are just certain types of personal questions that one should not ask.

2. But I want to take the risk of asking you this morning a very personal question, which I really do believe is appropriate in this setting. The question is this: ''Is the Holy Spirit filling you right now?'' Now understand I'm not asking you ''Do you believe in the filling of the Holy Spirit?'' I'm not asking you ''Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit?'' My question is: ''Is the Holy Spirit filling you right now?''

3. Now there are only three possible answers that you can give--either ''Yes,'' ''No,'' or ''I don't know.''

4. I want to submit to you that every Christian should be filled with the Holy Spirit, and every Christian should know it. I have already told you that when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, the Holy Spirit enters our body. I then told you that he simultaneously enlists us into His body, that is, the body of Christ. But now I want us to understand that the Holy Spirit also comes to empower us, take control of us, and use us for the glory of Jesus Christ. We're going to think together today about the Spirit- filled life.

I. The Spirit-filled Life Is A Commanded Life

1. ''And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit.'' ''(v.18) The verb translated ''be filled'' in the Greek language is i ...

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