by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Isaiah 52:7


1. As you now know I am willing to study any subject
if will help me communicate the Word of God. This
week I did a study of all things, feet, and I was
amazed to discover how very important feet are to the
human body. Our feet will carry us the equivalent of
five times around the earth in an average life span.
Yet, we barely pay attention to them.

2. But did you know that if you were to lose just a
little toe on one foot, you would have to learn to
walk all over again? Doctors know that feet are
mirrors of our health. Oftentimes signs of diabetes,
arthritis, circulatory or neurological diseases often
appear in the feet first.

3. The foot consists of 26 bones, all of which are
vital to body balance in the ability of the body to
walk. One foot problem can literally stop you dead in
your tracks. Corns, bunions, athlete's foot, gout,
ingrown toenails, turftoe, heel spurs, or stress
fractures can literally put you in a wheel- chair.

4. In fact, can you guess what is the number one
cause of foot problems? The number one cause of foot
problems is wearing shoes that don't fit properly.

5. Well, God is concerned about your feet. But for a
totally different reason than why we may be concerned
about our feet. Because He is not only concerned
about what they wear, but where they go. Here we find
that God thinks that a certain kind of foot is
beautiful. Now I have never seen beautiful feet, but
God says the feet of anyone who takes a person
anywhere to share with anybody the good news of
salvation through Jesus Christ, are beautiful feet.

6. Now many prophecies have both a literal meaning
and a spiritual meaning. The literal meaning of this
verse refers to the heralds that proclaimed to
Jerusalem that King Cyrus had permitted the Jews, who
had formerly been captives in Babylon, to return to

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