by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
John 16:12-15


1. A great preacher in our Convention once told the
story of skiing in Colorado, and he noticed on the
slopes some people wearing red vests. Wondering who
they were, he went closer and read these words on
them: BLIND SKIER. He was astounded. If you've ever
been skiing or just watched other people ski, you know
how hard it must be to ski with two good eyes, much
less with no eyesight at all. He wondered to himself,
"How do they do it?"

2. He went to a ski instructor and asked him how a
blind person could ski? The answer was fascinating.
Each blind skier is given a guide. That guide may ski
beside, behind, or in front of the blind person--but
always in a place where they could communicate with
each other.

3. He was then told that there are two basic forms of
communication this guide will use: the tapping
together of ski poles to assure the blind person that
the guide was there; and the speaking of simple
instructions about what to do next. The guide may
say, "Go right, turn left, stop, slow, skier coming up
on your right." The only responsibility of the blind
skier is to exhibit complete trust and immediate
obedience to the instructions of the guide.1

4. Life is much like skiing downhill totally blind.
We can't see even five seconds into the future. We
can't see the struggles and the heartaches that may
await us. We can't even see other "skiers" who might
run into us.

5. But God has given His children their own personal
Guide. Jesus said in v.13, "When He, the Spirit of
truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth."
The word guide interestingly in the Greek language is
a word that is used to describe someone who guides a
person who is blind. It literally means "lead the

6. When God saves us, He does not leave us to grope
in the dark; He enables us to walk in the light ...

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