by James Merritt

I Love My Church
James Merritt
1 Chronicles 29:3


1. Recently someone sent me a list entitled, ''Satan's Beatitudes.'' They said if the devil were to write his Beatitudes they would probably go something like this:

- Blessed are those who are too tired, too busy, too distracted to spend an hour once a week with their fellow Christians-they are my best workers.
- Blessed are those Christians who wait to be asked, and expect to be thanked-I can use them.
- Blessed are the touchy. With a bit of luck they may stop going to church-they are my missionaries.
- Blessed are the troublemakers-they shall be called my children.
- Blessed are the complainers-I'm all ears to them.
- Blessed are they who are bored with the minister's mannerisms and mistakes-for they get nothing out of his sermons.
- Blessed is the church member who expects to be invited to his own church-for he is part of the problem instead of the solution.
- Blessed are they who gossip-for they shall cause strife and divisions that please me.
- Blessed are they who are easily offended-for they will soon get angry and quit.
- Blessed are they who do not give their offering to carry on God's work-for they are my helpers.
- Blessed is he who professes to love God, but hates his brother and sister-for he shall be with me forever.
- Blessed are you when you hear this and think it is about other people and not yourself-I've got you.

2. As I thought about that list, two things immediately hit me. Number one: I can honestly say I have pastored every one of those types of church members. Number two: What the church desperately needs is more members who simply love their church.

3. But not only love their church, but love their church the way God loves the church. You see, God loves the church sacrificially. He gave His Son for it. God loves the church unconditionally. When He's pleased with it and when He is not pleased with it. God loves His church eternally.

4. There is ...

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