by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
John 10:27-29


1. There was a man who lived in a small southern town, and after
twenty years of shaving himself every morning, he decided he had
had enough. He told his wife he wanted to go down to the local
barber, just for once, and get shaved himself.

2. When he put on his hat and coat, went to the barbershop, which
was owned by the pastor of the Baptist church, the barber's wife,
whose name was Grace, was working, so she is the one that
shaved him.

3. After she shaved him she said, "That will be $20." Well, he
thought the price was extremely high, but since she was the
pastor's wife he paid the bill and went to work.

4. The next morning the man looked in the mirror, and to his
amazement his face was as smooth as it had been when he left the
barbershop the day before. He thought to himself, "I must admit
that is not too bad of a shave. At least I don't need to get a shave

5. The next morning his face was still smooth, and the next one,
and the next one. Two weeks later that man still couldn't find any
trace of whiskers on his face at all. There was no beard
whatsoever. He couldn't believe it.

6. He returned to the barbershop and there was the pastor's wife
who had shaved him. He said, "Grace, I have come to apologize. I
thought $20 was awfully high for a shave, but this is incredible. It's
been two weeks and my beard still hasn't started growing back."
She didn't even change expression when she replied, "You
shouldn't be surprised, you were shaved by Grace, and once
shaved always shaved."

7. There is a doctrine that we hold near and dear as Baptists. It is
the doctrine of eternal security, which simply says, "Once saved--
always saved." There are few subjects that have created more
disagreement in the body of Christ than this issue of eternal
security. Simply put, the question is this: ...

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