by James Merritt

A Trip To God's Woodshed
Dr. James merritt
Hebrews 12: 5-11


1. I heard about a young boy that went off to one of these extremely expensive universities. The bills were coming in monthly to these parents, and they were struggling to keep their head above water. One day his mother received a letter from him that read like this:

Dear mom:

I'm writing to inform you that i have flunked all of my courses. I had an accident and totally wrecked my car. I owe the clothing store in town $2000, and i have been suspended for the next semester because of misconduct. I am coming home, prepare dad.

2. His mother wrote a one line letter back to him that just said this:

Dear son:

Dad is prepared-prepare yourself.

3. God is prepared to deal with his children when they sin. God has a woodshed, and if you are one of his children, before you get through this life you will make more than one trip to it. You see, there are three ways god could deal with us when we sin. First of all, god could condemn us.

4. Even after a person is saved, the first time they sin god could just go ahead and send them to hell. But god really cannot do that, for the bible says, ''there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in christ jesus.'' (rom. 8:1)

5. Then again god could condone us. God could just stick his head in the sand and ignore our sin and overlook it. But god cannot, and will not do that, because he is a holy and a righteous and a just god that lets no sin go unpunished.

6. But the third way that god could deal with us, and the way he does deal with us is, he can correct us. You see, if god condemned us after we sinned, that would be pure legalism; that is, if you sin you go to hell.

7. If god condoned our sin, that would be liberalism, where god would just simply say that sin is no big deal and let it go. But the third way, god's way, is love. The lord himself said: ''as many as i love, i rebuke and chasten.'' (rev. 3:19)

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