by James Merritt

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Gentleness: Gentle on My Mind (8 of 9)
Series: Fruit of the Spirit - Home Sweet Home
James Merritt
Galatians 5:23


1. I don't know of anyone that disputes the fact that john wooden is the greatest basketball coach who has ever lived. His UCLA basketball teams won ten NCAA national championships in twelve years, including seven in a row. In his book entitled wooden, he begins with this story:

My dad, Joshua Wooden, was a strong man in one sense, but a gentle man. While he could lift heavy things men half his age couldn't lift, he would also read poetry to us each night after a day working in the fields raising corn, hay, wheat, tomatoes, and watermelons. We had a team of mules named jack and Kate on our farm. Kate would often get stubborn and lie down on me when I was plowing. I couldn't get her up no matter how roughly I treated her. Dad would see my predicament and walk across the field until he was close enough to say, ''Kate.'' then she would get up and start working again. He never touched her in anger.

It took me a long time to understand that even a stubborn mule responds to gentleness.1

2. I can assure you what is true of a mule, is true with people. Paul says the fruit of the spirit is ''gentleness.'' it is a word that is more commonly translated ''meekness.'' it is the same word that is used in Matthew, chapter five, where Jesus said, ''blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.'' incidentally, it's too bad that the meek have not already inherited the earth, because the un- meek are making a real mess of it.

3. Now Jesus said if you want to be blessed by God, you must be meek and you must be gentle. Now meekness is simply surrendering your will to God's will. You're going to find in this study that the mark of a mighty man is meekness.

4. What Jesus said concerning the meek is totally opposite of what the world says about the meek. The world says blessed are the men with money, or blessed are the men with ...

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