by James Merritt

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The Law Of The Harvest (3 of 4)
Series: The Harvest
James Merritt
Psalm 126:5-6


1. Recently while being on a mission trip in Romania, I had the privilege of staying overnight in London, England. While touring that beautiful city, I was standing in front of Westminster abbey, the beautiful church where all of the monarchs of England are crowned, and the site of the funeral of princess Diana.

2. I thought about an elderly lady who was in a group of tourists visiting London, and the guide was explaining the history behind Westminster abbey. She interrupted him and said, ''young man! Young man! Will you stop your chatter for a moment and tell me one thing-has anyone been saved here lately?''

3. That really is the question that should be asked of every church. Has anyone been saved here lately? Someone has said, ''if a man has a soul (and he has), and if that soul can be won or lost for eternity (and it can), then the most important work in the world is to bring men and women to Jesus Christ.

4. I wish southern Baptists really did believe that. But according to the north American mission board 96.7% of all southern Baptists have never shared a verbal witness with one lost person. 73% of southern Baptist churches have no soul-winning training program.

5. I believe Dr. R. G. Lee, the former pastor of Bellevue Baptist church, was correct when he said, ''the greatest sit-down strike in the world is in our churches, where those who claim to be saved have never yet become fishers of men.''

6. Psalm 126:5-6 outline for us the law of the harvest. The law is simple and the law is sure. You not only reap what you sow, but if you sow you are guaranteed to reap. If you will sow the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are guaranteed to reap souls for eternity. That is the law of the harvest.

7. These verses comprise god's word for god's witness. This is god's promise to the soul-winner. We are told three wonderful things about how to put ...

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